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Enviro Services performs complete mold inspection, testing and remediation services for all building types (owned, rented, or potential of either). We will service single and multiple-family homes, apartment complexes, townhouses or condominiums, office/municipal buildings and warehouse or industrial facilities.

Mold Inspection
A mold inspection is a visual inspection of a property (inside and out) for mold and conditions that cause mold. A mold inspection can include moisture readings of construction materials, including exterior walls, interior walls, floors, cabinets, shower enclosures and concrete slabs. Enviro Services uses state-of-the-art, industry specific electronic equipment to detect excessive moisture in construction materials, which is the primary cause of indoor mold problems.

The purpose of a mold inspection is to locate mold infestations, determine the cause and provide useful information to help facilitate an effective remediation (removal) plan.

Mold Testing (Sampling)
Mold testing is the actual collecting of samples for laboratory analysis. There are four types of sampling methods used in a standard mold inspection; surface samples, bulk samples, air samples and inner wall samples.

The purpose of testing is to identify what types of molds are present on surfaces, in the air and in hidden areas such as wall cavities, attics or crawl spaces. Identification and quantification produces useful data when determining proper remediation procedures as well as the seriousness of potential health risks.

Mold remediation is a process that follows inspection and testing, in which the results demonstrated the presence of potentially dangerous amounts of mold contaminants at a property. Remediation is the process of removing mold contamination from a property. Contaminated areas are isolated from other areas of the property so that there is no cross-contamination. Specialized equipment, tools and personnel are used to decontaminate affected areas and apply processes to prevent future growth.

Clearance Testing
A Clearance Test is performed after the remediation work is done. The purpose is to ensure that the remediation was successful. In other words, the mold problem that existed before the work began is no longer a mold problem. The Clearance Testing results should be compared to results taken from an initial inspection performed prior to the remediation (removal) process.

Comprehensive results are produced from conducted inspections. These reports include visual conclusions and equipment readings, as well as the laboratory results of samples taken at the time of the inspection. Samples are analyzed by laboratory technicians who examine each sample taken for common and toxic molds and other allergens and particulates.

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